I Wish

I wish I were a kitten.
Smallest things hold my excited attention.
Simple plastic ball with a bell in it, Oh what joy it is.
Looking under a door, what great things lie beyond?
A moth on a window pane, flying fluttering...pure excitement!
A persons lap, how warm and cozy...I feel a purr coming on.
Lie on my back in the sun streaming through the window.
Oh look at my tail..see it twitch..what is it?
A piece of paper torn off the corner of an envelope....
how easy to flip it up, bat it around...
watch it try to escape my grasp...is it alive?
A bowl of water, how interesting the ripples,
my foot touches the coolness..
a drink off of my paw, satisfaction.
My owners pants leg, oh climb it like a tree,
it moves, is there something underneath?
Run, Run, Run with your tail held high..
scurry from here to there, what am I running about?
just because I can? oh I am running again!
That sound, my ears twitch..what is that sound,
so soothing, so comfortable, it is my owner calling me,
calling me......what is my name? Bliss, pure bliss..
I am a kitten.

Author Mitzi Guess