Dish Bottom Phobia

I know I just ate some ten minutes ago,
But I felt in the mood for a snack
And, lo and behold, when I looked in my dish,
I saw the dish bottom look back.

See? Come and see if I'm telling the truth!
Oh, this has upset me severely!
Yes I know there's kibble on that side and this,
But I can see dish-bottom clearly!

I stared in the dish and I measured the place
That was empty, and let out a cry --
What if I finished this part and that part?
It would all be dish-bottom! I'd die!

How can you cruelly ignore my complaint?
The kibble was low, and you knew it!
You're acting as if it was piled to the rim
While I can see dish-bottom through it!

I nibbled some here and I nibbled some there
And I dropped one or two, being furious,
But nothing improved in this tragic affair,
The state of my dish is so serious!

I'm not kidding! Oh, please come and see the bare spot
On the dish bottom, do as I wish!
Then I guess you don't care if I'm starving or not,
So I'll eat from the other cat's dish.