The MAN of the house

Julie K. Walton
with Higgins & Rumford's Teddy, the Bear
at The Cat Asylum >^..^<

Well... I may be slow, but I finally got it (after only 2.5 years)! My Maine Coon cat, "Rumford's Teddy, the Bear" is really the "head of the household"... not me! (Note: Household consists of one human and 1 feline and 1 LION KING!) When talking to Caron Gray about "Willie", she always refers to him as "THE MAN". I believe he passed this onto his son! ;-D)))

Teddy, at 20+ lbs of "the most beautiful Maine Coon on the planet" (O.K., I may be just a tad biased!) is THE MAN OF THE HOUSE! Teddy makes sure that all things are done properly and in a timely order!


Teddy, as I posted earlier, is really quite the gentleman about breakfast... though I've noticed lately that instead of sitting on the bed and "making biscuits" (treading), he now sits on ME and treads endlessly but only when he's sure I am awake. UNLESS... I have somehow managed to sleep late which is quite rare due to having Fibromyalgia (which causes among many problems, sleep disorders and muscle pain). Now, if I have managed to actually stay asleep longer than I should, he will reach the hunger point at which he just marches up to my face and in Drill Sargeant Style, YELLS at me that it IS PAST TIME for breakfast. But, this is generally rare... maybe once a year or so. ;-)

Now Higgins, my senior, overweight, chow-hound will gladly eat himself to the point that he has to roll around because his belly reaches down longer than his legs... so I try to remember to remove the food bowls after an hour or so. I'm currently feeding Science Diet Light, so Higgins can still waddle around and Teddy just happily makes up the calorie difference by consuming more food. So at about that one hour point at which the food has been down and accessible to Higgins, I'm usually here on my computer. In marches Teddy with a "concerned" look on his face and he sits down and verbally announces that I need to attend to the removal of the food bowls.

So I follow him into the kitchen and attend to my post-breakfast duties. I put them up into a pet carrier with no door on it that is high enough that Higgins cannot jump up and "free- feed". And, of course, Teddy circles around purring loudly while waiting for his "boost" up into the carrier. Teddy is cautious and does not like to jump from the slick footing of linoleum directly into the carrier. So his solution is to jump from a carpeted area to various places in my kitchen arriving at his final destination of the top of the refrigerator, one of his favorite spots for sleeping and as a lookout point where he can keep track of everyone! So, if he gets hungry he will occasionally propel himself down at a 30 degree angle landing in the carrier for a snack. (I have the carrier secured so that it won't slide with the force of the "Monster Kiddy" landing there!) His other solution, which he prefers, is to come to me and request a "boost" up into the pet carrier for another snack.


Since I work full-time, dinner is generally immediately after I arrive! Both boys are ALWAYS waiting for me at the door to my apartment. And, usually Teddy indicates that he was sleeping while he waited since it takes him a minute or so of eye blinking and a generally fuzzy expression on his face to fully wake up. Now, Higgins, at the very thought of food after STARVING all day, is INSTANTLY wide awake! So, upon opening the door a few inches, so as not to slam into any cat bodies, I reach down and give the boys their "pets". Teddy, of course, in true Maine Coon style, sits up and head-butts my hand. I then announce: "BOYS... Lets EAT!" and off runs Teddy to the scratching post and Higgins waits until I step in and close the door because he ALWAYS walks behind me from my left side to my right side rubbing his body against my legs. We then wait at the end of the hallway until Teddy had finished his scratching and stretching and is now fully awake and ready to eat! I do have to be cautious about setting down Teddy's food bowl because he is inclined to head-butt the bowl of dry food! Then, of course, about an hour after dinner, he again announces that I need to remove the food bowls and the procedure is the same as for breakfast.


I was up late the other night talking to a friend on the telephone who is a "night owl". However, instead of sitting on my bed as I usually do, I was sitting in a chair close to my bed. Well... this was INCORRECT behaviour and was making it impossible for Teddy to go to bed because I was not where I should be. He came up several times during my lengthy 1.50 hour conversation and meowed at me with a stern look on his face! My friend said, "Is there something that you need to take care of ?" I said that I did not know what he needed. Later during the conversation, I realized that I was NOT IN BED! So, I moved to my bed, still talking of course, and Teddy then found a spot to sleep for the night because ALL WAS WELL! Everyone in their respective places, so the MAN OF THE HOUSE could then retire for the night!


I live downtown and with all the tall buildings, (we are on the 6th floor), there are a lot of pigeons and other birds and occasionally they land on the rooftop of the building next door which is about one story below us. Teddy immediately gets into Maine Coon/World's Greatest Hunter mode! He jumps down from the hutch of my computer desk, lands on the carpet, jumps onto my dresser, crouches down, tail twitching, stalking mode and slowly, oh so carefully creeps onto the window ledge (which in this building is at least 10 inches wide!) so as not to be seen by the bird that is at least 20 feet away, on another roof top, with double pane window glass and a window screen between the bird and Teddy!


Now, of course as the athletic, agile, Man of the House, Teddy realizes that Higgins definitely needs more exercise to help with his weight problem. Teddy just wants to PUMP HIM UP! So it's "Schwartz-a-Teddy" to the rescue! He and Teddy play almost endlessly... between cat naps, of course! There are games of chase, tag and wrestling matches with each competing to see who can do the neatest "Bruce Lee Karate Squeels" and which one can kick the most hair from the other cat's belly onto my beige carpet. I usually find a LOT of Hggins black hair and only a little of Teddy's... imagine that! (Higgins is really a very large cat but is DWARFED by Teddy, the Giant!) ;-)

Now... If I could only get him to "Bring Home the Bacon and Pay the Bills"!!! Suggestions, anyone??? ;-D)))


Higgins & Teddy

Purrs, Feline Blessings and Many Thanks to Caron Gray!