Making the Bed

Ruth Landmann,
Rocky & Gustie

First get everything off the bed, "Rocky you too! Oh, no! Gustie, get off the pillow!" Take the kittens into the living room and put them on one of their cat trees to play.

Back in the bedroom stretch out the bottom sheet and reach to tuck it around one corner of the mattress. "Gustie, Rocky! what are you doing here!?" Rocky pounces on the shifting sheet, Gustie waits to pounce on anything else that moves.

Pick up the kittens, return them to the living room, dash back into the bedroom, get the bottom sheet on before they come back.

Look up, and there is Rocky stretched across two pillows. "How did you get back here so quickly?!" Take Rocky back to cat tree, move the ball in the round thing for Gustie to play with.

Pillow one into case. Pillow two into , oh, no! "Gustie, let go of the pillow case! It's not a toy!!" Pick up Gustie and take her into the eating area and offer her something to eat.

Back to the bedroom. Get the down comforter shaken out. Pounce, right onto the middle of it, lying down purring at me is Rocky!

Take Rocky back to living room.

Get duvet unfolded, unbuttoned, and ready to stuff comforter into it. Gustie hops up and goes inside duvet before I can stuff the first part of the comforter inside it. Reach in, grab Gustie, take Gustie back to living room.

Quickly fill duvet with comforter. Shake it out, place it on bed; plop! Here's Rocky!

Get lightweight blanket that protects duvet from animals. Shake it out and let it fall over Rocky and bed. Watch movement underneath blanket; pull back part of blanket and let Rocky escape. Cover bed with blanket and reach for towel that protects half of bed from wet Newfoundland dog when it rains. Place towel on bed. Turn around and there are Rocky and Gustie stretched out on made bed...