My cat's an Electrician's Mate!

Susan Kesby

When Cousin Tom came to fit a new electrical socket, he hadn't had much experience of cats (poor soul ...), so he didn't know what to make of it when my Charles suddenly turned up beside him and sat, motionless, while the holes were drilled and the screws for the first part went in. Before Tom could get on with the rest of the job, Charles elbowed him out of the way, thrust his nose into the box and commented "Seems OK to me, carry on" - then sat back to supervise some more. Tom wasn't allowed to pick up a tool or fit a thing until it had been thoroughly inspected, patted and commented on. By the end of the job, Tom reckoned that cats were a pretty good idea. The turning point came, he said, when he found himself saying to Charles "pass me that screwdriver, will you?".